Choose The Package When The Details Can Reflect The Quality Or Bad
- Jul 25, 2018 -

    1, the package surface

  The package surface is flat, smooth, all the fabric joints whether there are other seams, whether bubbling, there is no bare burrs and so on.

  2. Bag Strap Braces are an important part of the package, is also relatively easy to damage the part of the strap quality can directly affect the length of life of the package, so, buy bags to pay attention to check the strap on whether there is no suture, crack, fixed line has no car, in addition, also pay attention to the bearing and firmness of the strap,

  In particular, often to the back of the weight of the larger items, the straps of load-bearing and firmness is very important.

  3, wrap the whole sewing seam

  The density of stitching pins is directly related to the quality of the bag. Therefore, in the purchase of bags, regardless of the use of open-wire or dark line sewing bags, the length of the pins should be uniform, and no head exposed, to pay attention to whether the suture is no wrinkles, whether the line has come to see if the location of the cable head will cause the crack of the bag.

  4, bags of hardware accessories Many bags will have a certain hardware accessories, these accessories exist for the package can play a finishing touch of the role, buy bags, pay attention to the shape of hardware accessories, how to work, some hardware accessories shape is more sharp, it is not suitable for children or the elderly to use, and some hardware accessories is a layer of color,

  When you buy, you should pay attention to whether it is easy to fade.

  5, the glue is firm When choosing a package, be sure to drag and drop the parts to see if the adhesive is strong. In particular, some of the more fashionable bags, because the style good-looking, embellishment excellent, so it will be very attractive eyeball, but if these embellishment is not bonded very firmly, then lost its characteristics.