How To Clean The Traveling Bag? What Are The Ways To Clean Your Bags?
- Jul 25, 2018 -

General bag cleaning tools for soft brush, detergent for Bath liquid, shampoo, outdoor travel bags naturally need to prevent splashing agent, avoid the fake or backpack itself without waterproof effect.

The following is the commonly used travel bag cleaning method:

1, one day activities down, in the outdoor bags will naturally contaminated with dirt, dust or sweat, then we recommend that you use dry soft brush to remove the dust outside the backpack, and then rinse with water. 

2, halfway break the meal, if the bag accidentally stained with oil, you can use bath liquid or shampoo instead.and rinse clean, put in the shade of the wind and rain can be, friends remember, must not take in the Sun exposed yo, because the ultraviolet light can easily cause the fiber hardening of the two-shoulder bags brittle.

3, outside a few days, travel, travel bags unavoidably scratches rupture, if the backpack surface waterproof membrane damage, please in the backpack is not fully dry, with a professional waterproof spray coating maintenance, spraying the outdoor waterproofing agent, after the travel bag to prevent splashing function will be the same as the new! In addition, if you are cleaning at home, to use machine wash the words first look at the washing bag on the label, according to the above signs to clean, if not found that the label can determine the travel bag material, most of the bags are canvas or nylon, both of which can be washed with washing machine.