How do I check the quality of the package? How many points are there?
- Jul 25, 2018 -

1, cloth control easy to determine, do bags with cloth and clothing cloth is different, that is the blasting coefficient and toughness of cloth must be very high. Individual rare have denim, canvas, oxford cloth, linen weaving, microfiber cloth and so on.

Fabric can be selected according to the customer's favorite, about the functional fabric is best to use the Guangdong Luggage Factory experimental verification. 

2, the Bag factory rubber material its true current application most, the rubber material has the natural leather to say. Since it is "natural", of course, there are myriad changes. Thickness, soft and hard, pattern pattern, chemical composition and so on. And you often hear pu skin and two layers of skin and so on, Pu skin and two layers of skin are actually plastic is not "dermis." Individual cowhide and old cowhide thickness is too thick, leather processing plants will be cut into two or more sheets, the top of the maintenance of cortical characteristics and texture is called "the first layer of cowhide", and the second third is very thin appearance also has no cortical plant protein structure and toughness. So the processing on its appearance to add a layer of "Pu" that is, chemical glue material, this fabric is called "pu skin" or two layers of skin. Today's skills can actually have a "five layers of skin".

If the paint is bright chemical paint called "patent leather". 

3, the price of leather material is absolutely expensive, we individual head layer of the original skin called "dermis." Feel soft, there is texture, there is a special breath, elastic, with the fingers of the grain after the rapid recovery features.