The Main Points To Be Noticed In Choosing Healthy Backpack
- Jul 25, 2018 -

      1, the material should be light If the backpack is full of goods, then it is not all people can bear do, if the weight of the backpack itself is also very heavy, loaded items are heavier, so not only in the use of very difficult, long-term backpack will also affect the health of the body, because of the weight of the backpack and increase the overall load, this is very undesirable.

  Therefore, when choosing a backpack, we should pay attention to the choice of fabrics lighter, to reduce the weight of the luggage itself.

  2, strap to be wide

  Backpack back bandwidth is a scientific basis, the wider the more the shoulder strap can make the shoulders of the force surface increased, reduce the shoulder part of the force on the shoulder caused damage.

  3, the best backpack purchase is to buy two shoulder bag The shoulders are wrapped in all the backpacks, the degree of their health is relatively good, especially some teenagers, want to use a single shoulder or some bad posture backpack, in the longer term, bad posture may have serious impact on the spine, affecting the healthy development of young people, such as some messenger bag and one shoulder backpack, Some people deliberately will be a shoulder backpack, messenger bag to lengthen the strap, but this makes the backpack constantly shaking, long-term will cause a lot of pressure on the spine.

  Therefore, the backpack to buy words, is better to choose a backpack, at the same time, backpack bear the time to pay attention to posture correct.

  4, preferably with a belt Using a belt allows the backpack to be closer to the back, with the weight of the backpack evenly unloaded on the waist and bone. And the belt can be fixed at the waist of the backpack, to prevent the backpack wavering, reducing the burden on the spine and shoulder pressure.