How To Buy A Double Shoulder Bag In Hot Summer
- Jul 25, 2018 -

  1, the choice of breathable double shoulder backpack Summer weather is hotter, many times the body is sweating, if the choice of backpack back cushion and shoulder belt is not breathable, it will bring a more sultry feeling, and, long time carrying airtight backpack, sweat is not controlled, but also easy to affect people's health and increase the probability of heatstroke.

  Therefore, when choosing a backpack, we must pay attention to the backpack and shoulder straps whether the use of breathable design, not breathable backpack advice do not buy.

  2, fabric selection should pay attention to light, breathable The fabric of the backpack has a lot of things, however, canvas, polyester and nylon these three belong to summer classic leisure backpack materials, the three kinds of fabrics also have thickness, the higher the thickness, the better the quality, but in the summer, considering the weather reasons, the general choice of 200-400d fabrics on it, 200-400d of the fabric lightweight and breathable,

  Not pressure body is also very strong, after all, summer things are not too heavy, storage words or more than sufficient.

  3, pay attention to choose the size of small shoulders backpack Shoulder backpack is a close-fitting back, long bear very stuffy very hot, in particular, the general type of backpack, so in the summer when the choice of small-shouldered backpack, light and comfortable, if it is long-distance travel, choose a 20-inch trolley box and backpack on the line, do not try to put everything in the backpack, such a journey too hard.