The Difference Between A Mountain Backpack And A Regular Backpack
- Jul 25, 2018 -

The role of a mountaineering backpack and leisure backpack is different Outdoor activities and the nature of contact is the most direct, but also the most collision, and mountaineering backpack and leisure backpack is different from the role of mountaineering backpack is to protect the goods from damage, the choice of material is very different, let us imagine to imagine.

If, when you climb the mountain, always contact with the wall rock, this time the mountaineering backpack should have strong and strong wear-resistant ability to fight against it; if the outdoor activities rain, this time the mountaineering backpack should have waterproof effect to really protect the goods in the backpack do not touch the water wet, then come to the words is moistureproof problem.

Therefore, mountaineering backpacks are generally used high-strength nylon material (Note: The choice of lattice Army green is to conform to the nature of color, better match), and then have to choose a waterproof treatment of nylon material is the best selection of mountaineering backpack material, in order to play its foundation in the outdoor role.

Two mountaineering backpack and leisure backpack design is different Leisure backpack is commonly used in life, usually appear in cafes, pedestrian street and many women's wardrobe full of different styles of leisure backpack, said the main features, leisure backpack is used as decoration, is a fashion striker.

While mountaineering backpack want to pursue fashion, but more important is his function design, that is, carry system design.

Choose the backpack system from the back of the air permeability, shoulder strap, chest belt and belt design, if designed with these four words can help you in the outdoors to reduce the climbing backpack brought gravity, more comfort.

Three mountain backpack and leisure backpack storage is different Storage is the most basic mission of each backpack, but it is still different. The birth of the leisure backpack is to be able to load books on weekdays, with carry-on products, more mainly for decoration, and mountaineering backpack is to be able to use the things to go outdoors, such as tents, clothing, toiletries, rain gear and other supplies, this time the storage is very large, So the backpack usually in front of the backpack will have a lot of small lattice bags, both sides will have mesh bags and so on. Mountaineering backpack is based on the volume to choose, you can according to your travel time, travel theme and travel items to choose the appropriate backpack volume.