Why do women love to buy bags
- Oct 06, 2018 -

1. Buy a bag can let you have good mood

Shopping allows a woman to secrete a hormone that is secreted only when she is in love, called dopamine. Dopamine can make people feel happy, and buying a bag can also bring this feeling to women.

2. Buy a bag to enhance the sense of superiority

It’s said that women can watch clothes without looking at their clothes. They don’t look at the pants. Just look at the bag and know how the woman’s taste is. It’s enough to see the importance of the bag to the woman. Buying a good brand bag can make the woman gain more. Attention. You said that buying a package is not important?

3. Reward themselves

After they have been promoted or have achieved their desired goals, girls will choose to give themselves an encouragement. Clothes are too everyday. Buying a good quality bag is the best choice.

4. Boyfriend is more suitable for gifts

If boyfriend gives gifts, which choice is better? Skin care products you can not understand the skin of girls, not easy to choose; clothes skirt shoes, you can not understand the size, more importantly, the aesthetics of straight male cancer can only be used Said; buy a brand bag, the shape of what is basically simple and very versatile, and more than one less for women does not matter, so the boyfriend to give gifts, bags can not be said to be the best choice.