Luggage industry prospects
- Sep 30, 2018 -

After 20 years of rapid development, China's luggage industry has accounted for more than 70% of the world's total. China's luggage industry has dominated the world, not only the global manufacturing center, but also the world's largest consumer market. As the world's largest manufacturer of luggage, China has more than 20,000 luggage manufacturing companies, producing nearly one-third of the world's luggage, its market share can not be underestimated. Although the capacity of each enterprise is sufficient, with the advantage of domestic sales and other advantages, the sales situation is still commendable, but the brand advantage is still the shortcoming of the development of domestic luggage enterprises. However, some domestic luggage companies have realized the influence of brands on product sales, and began to focus on expanding the brand's popularity, in order to quickly capture market share and improve corporate performance on the basis of quality assurance.

According to the "China's luggage manufacturing industry production and sales demand and investment forecast analysis report" released by the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the annual sales of China's luggage products has reached 500 billion yuan. At present, China's luggage industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Under the impact of labor shortage, rising raw material prices, appreciation of the renminbi and accelerated industrial transfer, it not only brings many unstable factors to the domestic and foreign sales of the luggage industry, but also makes the survival and development of the luggage exhibition industry fall into an awkward situation. The role, indicating that the era of China's luggage exhibition industry has been reshuffled has arrived.

With the re-adjustment of the industry in China's luggage industry and the arrival of the era of major reshuffle. China's luggage industry is forming a new industrial structure. The factors affecting the transfer of these traditional labor-intensive industries mainly depend on the cost of land, labor, market logistics and the matching of upstream, downstream and downstream industries, of which land and labor are the most direct factors. In the face of the industry's major reshuffle, it is to retreat, close the door, or to practice hard work, to innovate, to meet difficulties, to seize the development opportunities of industrial adjustment, and to carry out a new round of development, which is placed in the business. The two roads in front of us.

The forward-looking research institute of the industry research institute said that in the context of the economic recovery and the recovery of various industries, domestic luggage industry enterprises are also actively integrating resources, based on product quality, through effective management means, design and manufacture of luggage. In combination with international trends, we will produce high-quality, unique and unique products. With the momentum of economic recovery, we will continue to consolidate the sales strategy of “inside and outside repair” and win a place in the market.