What kinds of accessories are used to make backpacks
- Jul 25, 2018 -

      1, lining.

  In the cloth is usually used as the inner lining of the backpack, also known as lining cloth or fabric, more common lining varieties have jacquard cloth, polyester taffeta, Shu Mei Silk, Taslan, twill, peach skin velvet, and so on, jacquard cloth used more. 

       2, line.

  Line generally includes nylon line and poly line, nylon line refers to nylon texture line, there are more specifications, usually used in sewing, and poly line looks like a lot of small fluffy, and cotton, usually used for knotting. 

       3, Ribbon.

  Ribbon is generally divided into nylon and poly two kinds, nylon webbing quality, soft, but high cost, usually only high-end backpack to use it, and poly webbing is more common, most of the backpack with poly ribbon. 

       4, Zipper. 

       Zipper is to rely on the continuous arrangement of the chain teeth, so that the goods are combined or separate connectors, the more famous zipper has YKK and ybs, high-grade backpacks generally all with YKK zipper.The good and bad of a backpack and zipper is very large, if the quality of the zipper is not, then this backpack will be very annoying to use. 

       5. Buckle fixture.

  Backpack buckle is generally divided into a buckle (also known as the next Open button), day buckle, ladder buckle, 勾扣, rope buckle, there are some more special uses of the clip. 6. Foam sponge. In the backpack, the role of foam is very important, the common Pu mian and PE sponge. Pu Mian is what we often say sponge, is a lot of holes, very light soft, generally used in close to the user's body place. PE sponge is a kind of plastic foam material, there are many small bubbles in the middle, can maintain a certain shape, generally used to support the shape of the backpack.