What's the good quality of the shoulder bag?
- Jul 25, 2018 -

Double Shoulder Bag for polyester Polyester double shoulder bag, polyester texture high strength, good elasticity, and some similar to wool. Self heat resistance is strong, does not absorb moisture. The general production of polyester double shoulder package to leisure sports, lightweight and thin materials, waterproof and wear-resistant, also not easy to fade.

Polyester texture used to do leisure backpack, student backpacks, cosmetic bags and so on more.

Nylon Double Shoulder Bag Nylon double shoulder bag, nylon texture density is high, the package has a strong elastic, wear-resistant easy to clean, at the same time has a good waterproof effect, load-bearing strong He became the preferred material for the double shoulder computer bag. General Nylon shoulder bag with pure color design, material strong and dirty, not easy to scratch, anti-aging is the most powerful backpack materials, durable use.

Generally used to do the middle-grade backpack, outdoor backpack and cloth rod box.

Two-shoulder bag for canvas Canvas shoulder bag, canvas texture determines the fabric's appearance, feel, wear resistance and breathability in density size. Canvas shoulder bag of the hundred-lap type has been fashionable people's new favorite, his fashion casual favored, colorful design more let him continue to the forefront of the trend. But his shortcoming is the durable use is easy to fluff, the general tidal person uses the canvas backpack to be interchangeable the bag with the clothing.