Tips for using different types of bags
- Jul 25, 2018 -

        One, double shoulder bag: The more personal backpack, the better the backpack to shrink abdomen, relaxed arm, strap away from the body closer, shorter, the easier to back up, because the backpack is too high, will crush the thoracic spine and then down to the lumbar spine, it will aggravate the shoulders, if the backpack overweight, the claim to shorten the strap, so that the bag as close to the body torso,

  The height is maintained between the thoracic spine and the lumbar spine.

  Two: Double shoulder bag heavy thing put center

  Put heavy things in the center of the backpack, walking when not simple changes in the posture of the body, if there are many things, large, can be its dividend two small packets, a shoulder, a hand-held, lax components.

  Three: As far as possible to customize the backpack with wide shoulders The straps are too thin or too short to affect the blood circulation of the shoulder or neck, or to the nerves of the arm, which will cause excessive squeezing to the arm and arms, so as to customize the shoulder straps as far as possible.