Backpack tips, to do a healthy backpack family
- Jul 25, 2018 -

       Reduce the shaking: whether it is a shoulder bag or a messenger bag, shoulder straps should not be too long, otherwise prone to excessive shaking, and the appropriate length of the shoulder belt to help stabilize the center of gravity, the body's muscles will not be constantly changing the center of gravity and constantly adjust, eventually because of overwork and damage.

  Backpack location can not be too low: want to comfortably backpack bag, bag can not be too small, such as the lower edge of the shoulder bag is best in the pelvic position, and the messenger bag is best placed on the waist side, the upper edge of the backpack around the pelvic position is advisable.

  It is best not to back in front of the body: whether it is a satchel or a shoulder bag, from a healthy point of view are best not to back in front, because of the reasons for the force, back in front of the body will lean forward, easy to cause a hunchback. Regular Chang: Each person's backpack has its own preference habits, experts remind, if the use of a single shoulder bag or messenger bag must be regularly changed shoulders, so can play a role in preventing cervical spine and spine strain.