Ladies Cosmetic Bag Custom essential knowledge
- Jul 25, 2018 -

1, custom-made lady makeup bag to pay attention to the material Ladies Cosmetic Bag material determines the grade and quality of cosmetic bag, the material generally has nylon, canvas, polyester, leather and so on, polyester is currently in the market is considered to make cosmetic bag the best fabric.In addition, the weight of the material must also be considered factors, the more lightweight material, the more will not cause the burden of carrying.

2, ladies cosmetic bag size to be appropriate Women's make-up bags are often carried around, solid design to small and lightweight, this is particularly important.Recommended to 18cmx18cm within the size of the most appropriate, the side must be some width, in order to put all the items, and can be put into the carry-on bag without bulky.

3, cosmetic bag storage mezzanine design is very important Put in the cosmetic bag of items very finely, the foundation part has the isolation frost, foundation liquid, powder, powder cake, mascara, eyelash folder and so on, the category is numerous, has many small things to put, therefore has the stratification design the style, will be easier to classify the thing to collect well.