Backpack Tips
- Jul 25, 2018 -

        One: one shoulder bag or messenger bag: as little as possible to be good at handbags Handbags are the most damaging to women's waist, single shoulders and handbags are simple to form the body's unilateral pressure is too large, to lose the balance of the body, a single handbag, the force is straight downward, demand the other side of the waist force, inadvertently will lead to pull injury, in addition, the bag, nerves and a lot of thin elbow joint also want to force, more simple injury.

  Therefore, the handbag as far as possible, the weight does not exceed 10%, the best bag hanging in the elbow joint from a finger far from the local, where muscle contrast robust, can support backpack components.

  Second: Back center and best for back

  The back of the center means that the satchel just back in between the arm and the trunk, with the hand secretly clamped, this method can reduce the shoulder's strength, back to the meaning is, if you do not like the bag, then the satchel slightly back to move better than forward.

  Three: The arm bag is better than the hand carrying With the hand carrying the bag, the arm of the joint demand before and after swinging, stretching, very simple to form tennis elbow, and arm bag, you can train to the two biceps. However, it should be noted that if a long time one side arm, it is very simple to show a thicker arm, the other a finer situation, to be able to rotate the right hand to be enough.