You Must Learn To Run Yourself Before Manage Business
- Oct 11, 2018 -

Life is such a process of waking up.

This world layer is unfolding to us. The fascinating face of this moment will be clear in the next moment. Those who cannot forgive at this moment will be forgiven in the next moment; the fact that this moment cannot be accepted will become easier in the next moment. understanding.

Yes, in this way, we constantly eliminate the narrowness, extremeness and one-sidedness of ourselves, a little bit awake, live to the old, and always wake up to the old.

There is sunshine in the heart, and rainy days are also a kind of romance; it is raining in my heart, and sunny days are also a crime. Happy life is not happy to see the mood, the mood is good to see the mentality.

Life is not as good as usual. Happy people are not without pain, but they have cultivated a strong heart and are therefore not affected by pain.

With a strong heart, it is not life around you, but you control life. Mentality is the window of the mind, and the state of mind determines what kind of world we see.