How to choose the right makeup bag for your lady
- Jul 25, 2018 -

       First, the appearance size,Cosmetic bags are usually carried around, so in the purchase must pay attention to pick some of the more exquisite small cosmetic bag, this can be convenient to carry, but not bulky.Second, material selection Ladies in the selection of cosmetic bag, be sure to pay attention to the choice of materials, a cosmetic package of the general requirements of the material is a wear-resistant and waterproof, because cosmetic bag in addition to portability, but also to have protective.

  Second, cosmetic bag material to choose some of the more lightweight fabrics, so as to achieve the function of portability.

  Third, the mezzanine design,For cosmetic bag design, is generally required for the design of multiple mezzanine, mainly cosmetic kits installed cosmetic tools, supplies are relatively fine, and more than sandwich design cosmetic bag can play a role in the classification of storage and protection.

  Fourth,Select according to their own conditions The cosmetic bag itself is for personal use, so the most reliable condition for a lady to choose a cosmetic bag is that it is the best thing to start with and suit herself. In the purchase, to check their usual use of make-up tools, as well as cosmetic products, according to their own characteristics to buy cosmetic bag.