How To Use Outdoor Backpack Properly
- Jul 25, 2018 -

    1. When packing the baggage, if the weight is more or all heavy, can be placed on average.Back on the shoulder to buckle on the chest, taut, so that in the back of the backpack did not fall feeling, the action of both hands pulled shoulder strap and backpack between the adjustment belt.

  2. In the passage of dangerous places, should relax backpack straps, open belts and chest belt, in case of danger, can be the fastest speed to separate people, to ensure that they can escape light. 

       3. Do not beat the backpack, especially to organize a very solid backpack, backpack full, the tension of the suture has been quite tight, at this time if the very rude unloading the backpack, or accidentally fall, it is easy to break the suture or buckle damage.Iron hard equipment, do not cling to the backpack cloth, tableware, pan group and other materials hard material, easy to wear backpack cloth.

       4. The process of action to be careful buckle webbing accessories, sometimes in the car, will happen to pull the backpack, so the backpack in the car to pay attention to the waist buckle is not buckle, some backpack waist buckle softer, can reverse buckle backpack lower half, some backpack belt has a hard plastic plate support, can not reverse discount live, it is easy to split.It is best to have backpacks cover the backpack to avoid entanglement with other backpacks in the pull process and damage the backpack. 

       5. When you go out, you can bring a thin plastic sheet, hiking or mountaineering, often rest, if in the outdoor rest, backpack on the ground or grass is easy to get dirty, and even some unknown things, on the backpack is difficult to clean, plastic can prevent the backpack sticky dirty things.