Three types of backpacks
- Jul 25, 2018 -

       One, clear type This type of backpack as the name suggests, colorful rich, lively style, to bring people a fresh feeling.

  Backpack especially in the summer frequently used, summer clothing color mostly light, with colorful backpack again suitable but this type of backpack, it is best not to choose too large style, moderate backpack, foil the cool summer.

  Second, stable type This kind of backpack is more suitable for office workers, style for the classic, fashion, engaging mainly, the color is mostly black, gray, coffee, colors for many.

  Taking into account the white-collar work needs to wear a dress, and clothing color also more black, white, coffee and other dark lines, so the backpack in style and detail should have a distinctive style, like high-end, minimalist, business, fashion and other flagship style, to improve the appearance of temperament.

  Third, leisure type This type of backpack is more casual, multi-functional, lightweight, hundred-lap style, the most suitable for out shopping, travel use. The size and capacity of the backpack is large enough, the fabric is mostly cationic, jacquard fabric. And this kind of backpack is particularly light, not cumbersome. It's your right-hand man to go shopping and travel.