How many kinds of bag fabric do you know
- Oct 11, 2018 -

1. Polyester, also known as polyester fiber

English name: POLYESTER, characterized by good gas permeability and moisture wicking, and relatively strong resistance to acid and alkali, ultraviolet light. Can be used to make sports backpacks, student backpacks, cosmetic bags, etc.

2. Spandex, also known as stretch nylon

The English name SPANDEX has the advantages of high elasticity and high flexibility and good recovery. Generally, the use of 2% can improve the movement, drape and shape retention of the fabric. Of course, there is also a weakness in that it is weak in alkali resistance; it is prone to yellowing and embrittlement after exposure to chlorine or ultraviolet rays. Poor heat resistance. Often used as an auxiliary material and other materials blended together. Many luggage factories use them as accessories for sports bags, student backpacks, cosmetic bags and other luggage products.

3. Nylon is also called nylon

English name Nylon, Chinese meaning: polyamide fiber. The advantages are high strength, high wear resistance, high chemical resistance, good deformation resistance and aging resistance. The disadvantage is that the hand feels harder. The luggage factory can be used to make medium and low grade sports backpacks, student backpacks, and cosmetic bags.